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Nine new songs written for Primary Schools, centred around the Eco-Schools topics. All are tuneful and fun to sing, easy to learn, and relevant to children today. Energy, recycling, sustainability, biodiversity, healthy living, transport, and more are covered. The messages are positive and empowering and work wonderfully in School Assemblies.

There are two forms of the song-book available; a download version, and a printed book. Both have the same content - lyric-sheets, piano scores, with high quality backing tracks and demonstration recordings of the songs on a free CD.

The download version has been endorsed by  Friends of the Earth Youth and Education Network, and their educators are using the songs in schools. This is the most sustainable and ecological form of publishing. There is no packaging nor transport, and schools only print what they need (on recycled paper!) or simply upload the lyric sheets from PC to white board. If you buy the book, you can also download the lyric pdfs, as well as an additional 10th song, itself part of the download version.

The central purpose of 'Spaceship Earth' is to educate and enthuse children about the importance of looking after our World and it's environment.

Get singing, enjoy yourselves. and make this World a better place!

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‘Every Primary Eco-School should have this song-book!’

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Spaceship Earth

An Eco-Schools Song-Book

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Some directly tackle topics such as transport or recycling. Others have a more general, global perspective. 
They cover all the Eco-School areas, and each song is great as a starting point for an Assembly Spaceship_Earth_Lyrics.html

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‘One Big Jigsaw’ is a joyous song, ideal for assembly or class use.
Click here to hear itOne_Big_Jigsaw.html

“Combines the performing arts and song with the important messages of eco-awareness. Ultimately lots of good learning, lots of good songs, and most importantly, lots of fun. Recommended as a Headteacher, without reservation.”

Paul Watson, Headteacher, Preston Hedges Primary School, Northampton