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Colours of Christmas - SINGLE CAROLS

A lovely Nativity Carol - linking the shepherds’ story with our own Nativity Plays.

Great for all ages from Key Stage 1 upwards

A joyous and contemporary sounding Carol, celebrating all that makes Christmas magical and exciting to children, then linking this to the Christmas story

Bethlehem, Bethlehem                                                                

An unashamedly traditional Carol, somewhere between ‘O Little Town’ and ‘Silent Night’, telling the whole Biblical story in a simple and beautiful way.

All Over the World                                                                       

A fun and light Christmas song of celebration, about different Christmas traditions from around the world. Listen out for the didgeridoo!

God Gave a Gift                                                                           

A simple but meaningful Carol, easy to learn and sing, but relevant to all ages. Taps into children’s excitement about Christmas presents, then gives this significance

Out of Nowhere                                                                           

The shepherds’ story, straight from the gospels, told as a Rock’n’Roll song. Lots of fun, but powerful and lyrical.

Carol of Light                                                                                

A simple, short, and gentle Carol, suitable for all ages from Key Stage 1 upwards. Easy to sing, it would again fit into any Nativity play

The Eve of Christmas Eve                                                            

A Folk Carol, and a true story. Tells the story of a strange event which happened to the composer’s family, and made him think about the real Christmas

Colours of Christmas                                                                    

Lyrical and lovely, about Christmas colour traditions ancient and modern, and their connections to the deeper meaning of Christmas. Great for children, and for adults

A New Beginning                                                                          

A very beautiful Carol about Christmas in the context of our natural world and it’s seasons. Full of meaning for children and adults, great in schools or churches

Hear Angels Sing                                                                          

Upbeat and modern, returning to the shepherd’s as the ordinary people in the Christmas story, and about us, like them, finding a sense of wonder. With short sections in 3 parts - great for choirs

A Long, Long Way From Home                                                     

A rousing Carol celebrating how Christmas unites us across the World, with those we love who live far from us, to those near us, but ‘lost and alone, a long,long way from home’














Great Good News                                                             

Church Bells Ring                                                              

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