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Amba Music Publishing - the new publisher of music specially for  Key Stage 2 and 3 children.

There is great music out there for Early Years, and for older teenagers, but not enough that is stimulating and exciting for children in-between. That is where we come in.

Amba publishes song-books, assembly resources, musicals and Christmas productions, written for children today. Primary School children listen to music radio, and watch High School Musical. They want to perform music that feels contemporary, while being melodic and fun to sing. They want music that challenges, rather than patronising them. Music in different styles, and from different parts of the World. With our Book + CD publications to be released over the coming months we want to meet this need.

Our first publication, ‘Spaceship Earth - An Eco-Schools Songbook’, has been used to great success by many Eco-Schools in the UK, and is endorsed and used by the Education team at Friends of the Earth (their endorsement is specifically for the  download version).  We have now added ‘Colours of Christmas’ - a wonderful collection of new Christmas Carols by Peter Walters - aimed again at Key Stage 1-3 but great for all ages, including adults.

Coming soon is the Christmas musical ‘Babushka’s Journey’ - a completely new take on the Russian Folk tale, with dancing penguins and a daring rescue from cracking ice, with talking drums and vocal beat-boxing, leading to the very first Christmas Party. Further into our schedule comes ‘The Snow Queen’ - a wonderful and contemporary version of the fairy story.

Backing tracks are produced to high quality. CDs include both the backing tracks and well sung demonstration versions, making learning the songs easy. Piano parts are playable and attractive. All our publications are available as well produced books printed on forest-friendly paper, and as downloads of all the music and printed content.

Also to come will be choral works for young choirs

Keep your eyes on our pages for further news or sign up for updates.

Amba - a new kind of music for children.


A new kind of music for children


30/10/11 - SINGLES - Colours of Christmas Carols available for download individually - from 60p to £1.20 each

26/10/11 - FREE sheet music download now available for ‘Great Good News’ children’s Nativity Carol. FREE downloads of mp3 files of all the carols also available HERE

12/10/11 - Great Good news!   “Colours of Christmas - a collection of 12 new Christmas Carols for children, schools and churches” is published. A wonderful selection of carols by Peter Walters available in time for Christmas

29/5/11 - The download version of Spaceship Earth has now been endorsed by Friends of the Earth Youth and Education Network!

10/1/11 - Download version of Spaceship Earth now available. All of the book and CD content + bonus song ‘One Big Jigsaw’ included. Instant delivery and very good value, but more importantly sustainable and eco-friendly.

3/11/10 - Free bonus content added - download ‘One Big Jigsaw’ when you register your purchase of ‘Spaceship Earth’

5/10/10 - Spaceship Earth - our first publication is released! A collection of 9 new Eco-Songs - for Eco-Schools.




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Colours of Christmas
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