Colours of Christmas

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A rich and varied collection of 12 new carols, written especially for children and teenagers, but great for all ages to sing.

Ranging from traditional to modern, from a lullaby to rock’n’roll, from beautiful to fun, the carols are united in their aim to make the meaning of Christmas relevant to young people today. These are carols for the Twenty-First Century.

The carols are easy to learn with strong tunes and meaningful but understandable words. The piano parts are playable and the sheet music easy to read. Both the melodies and lyrics connect to children. They work well across Key Stages 2 and 3 particularly, though some are excellent with younger children. They will fit into any school’s Carol Concert, and you will find yourselves returning to them year after year.

Many are excellent for school choirs. Listen below to ‘Hear Angels Sing’ - the one of the collection already arranged in 3 easy to learn parts. ‘A New Beginning’ arranged in 4 parts is available as a free bonus download to registered purchasers of the book or download version.

Beyond this, many are appropriate to a church setting, having a timeless quality which fits with the classic carols we all know and love. Adults will also find meaning and enjoyment in singing them. The piano scores sound great played on church organ.

There are two forms of the full song-book available; a printed book with free music CD, and a download version. Single Carol downloads are also available. All have the same content - lyric-sheets, piano scores, with high quality backing tracks and demonstration recordings of the songs. If you buy the book, you can also, at no charge, download the lyrics and scores for easy printing or projection in school or church.

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Colours of Christmas

A collection of 12 new Christmas Carols for children, schools and churches

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Lastly - download the sheet-music for ‘Great Good News‘    HERE

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‘Great Good News’

children’s nativity carol


Click here to see an example of the piano/vocal sheet music. You will find the scores playable and attractive. We do also provide professional backing tracks if you do not have a pianist available. You can download the complete sheet music for one of the carols - ‘Great Good News’ for no charge and use this freely in your school.Great_good_news.html
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